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Shipping cars internationally can be such a laborious and exhausting process. Most people do not know some of the most important and key terms in the shipping lingo. Or people don’t know what to look for when trying to get a specific vehicle shipped. We are here to help with this. After reading this you will be the master of all things shipping.

What does RORO mean?

RORO, stands for roll-on roll-off. This means that your car will be driven on the ship on its own wheels. This is also the most cost-effective type of shipping. You or whoever drops your car off, will give the shipping company the keys and they will drive your car on the ship. They will tie down the car with straps specifically made to keep your car secure and still during the shipping process. Then after the car arrives, they will unstrap the car and drive it on to the arrival port where whoever is picking it up will do so.

What does LOLO mean?

LOLO, stands for Lift-on Lift-off. This will usually occur if you are shipping a boat or heavy machinery. LOLO means that a crane will lift your vehicle onto the ship where it will be tied down with straps specifically made for your vehicle. These straps will make sure your vehicle is secure and still during the voyage. At the arrival port your vehicle will be lifted off by crane again and wait for pickup.

What is container shipping?

Container shipping is used when requested and shipping cars, trucks, or motorcycles. This means that when dropped off they will put your vehicle into a container. If a car or truck, then they will drive the car into the container. If a motorcycle, they will strap in onto a securing device and use a forklift to put it into a container. When shipping a car or truck you will also have the option of exclusive container shipping. This is more expensive, but means that your vehicle will be in a container by itself.

What is enclosed auto shipping?

Enclosed auto shipping is one of the methods that your vehicle will be shipped to the departing port if you cannot take it there. Enclosed auto shipping means that the car will be shipped in a container along with a few other cars. This makes sure that the car is safe from the elements. This method is pricey and is usually used when shipping exotic or expensive vehicles.

What is enclosed auto shipping?

Open auto shipping means that your vehicle will be shipped on a car carrying truck along with multiple other cars. This means it is open to the weather around. This is more cost efficient than enclosed auto shipping. This is usually safe unless the weather around the departure port is hail.

What can be shipped internationally?

Practically anything can be shipped internationally. Cars, motorcycles, and trucks can be shipped via RORO or container shipping. Boats Can be shipped via. LOLO. Heavy or agricultural equipment can also be shipped. Usually the rates for shipping larger vehicles will be higher.

How does my vehicle get to the departure port?

With most shipping companies you have two options. You can drive your vehicle to the port and hand the keys to the shipping company, or you can have it shipped there. There are two ways to get it shipped to the port, enclosed auto shipping or open auto shipping. Both are safe, but if you want your car protected from the elements you would go with enclosed auto shipping. This method is more expensive though.

How can I ship a vehicle for the lowest cost?

The cheapest possible way to get a car shipped would mean that you drive it to the port. You also would choose the RORO option. If you cannot get your vehicle to the port yourself, get it shipped with the open auto shipping option. Container shipping sometimes might be the only option, depending on the port which means you would have to opt for that instead.

What to do when shipping an expensive vehicle?

If you are shipping an expensive or exotic vehicle there are a few suggested tips. First make sure you get insurance on your vehicle. This means that if anything at all goes wrong and your vehicle is destroyed or damaged you can get the cars worth back. Also, if you want it shipped to the departure port get it shipped via enclosed shipping to guarantee its safety. Finally, you want to get in container shipped by either enclosed or shared container shipping.

Do I need to buy insurance?

Generally, the steamship lines do not carry cargo insurance, and by Federal Maritime Law (FMC regulations) are not liable for more than $500 per vehicle. To be safe, always buy insurance. You also want to take pictures of the car from all angles so that if any damage occurs during the shipping process, you can prove it was in perfect condition before.

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