11 things to know when shipping vehicles to Jamaica

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Shipping cars from America to Jamaica can be a tedious and exhaustive process. From making sure you have all the necessary documents, to understanding specific terms, shipping can be quiet confusing. Luckily for you, we can help with all these issues. Here are 10 must knows about shipping to Jamaica.

What do I need to ship to Jamaica?

When shipping to Jamaica there are quite a few documents you need. You will need your Passport, Import license, Driver’s license, Title/proof of ownership, an Invoice, Work permit, Tax compliance certificate, Jamaican import form (C-78). Whatever shipping company you chose will clarify exactly how to fill out specific forms and what else.

How are vehicles are shipped to Jamaica?

The most popular way vehicles are shipped is via RORO. Another way vehicles are shipped is via container shipping. If shipping boats there is the LOLO option as well as RORO. When shipping heavy equipment, you have the RORO option.

What is RORO shipping?

RORO shipping is Roll-On Roll-Off shipping. This is the most cost-effective type of shipping and therefore the most popular way people ship their vehicles. This means that the vehicle is drove onto the ship on its own wheels. The Vehicle will then be secured with straps specifically designed for the vehicle. Then it will be driven off the boat at the arrival port where it will await pickup.

What is container shipping?

Container shipping is one of the other methods of shipping. Although more expensive than RORO container shipping is a bit safer. In container shipping your vehicle will be put into a container and strapped down. When container shipping there are two options, exclusive container shipping and shared container shipping. Exclusive container shipping is more expensive, but your vehicle will be in its own container. Most people will do this when shipping exotic or classic cars. Shared container shipping means that your vehicle will be stored with other vehicles. Your vehicle will be unloaded at the arriving port and await pickup.

What is LOLO shipping?

LOLO, means Lift-on Lift-off. This will happen when shipping a boat. LOLO means that a crane will lift your boat onto the ship where it will be tied down with straps designed for boats. When the ship has arrived at the arrival port, the boat will be lifted off and wait for pickup.

What kind of vehicles can be shipped to Jamaica?

Almost any vehicle can be shipped to Jamaica. You can ship cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and heavy machinery. You will need different documents though depending on what kind of vehicle you are shipping. The company shipping company you chose will fill you in on what specifically you need for shipping different types of vehicles. Shipping larger vehicles is usually more expensive as well as shipping boats.

What’s the cheapest method to ship to Jamaica?

The cheapest way to ship to Jamaica would be using the RORO method and driving your vehicle to the departure port yourself. Having the shipping company pick up your vehicle and drive it to the port will result in a much larger bill and so will shipper your car either container shipping method. If you cannot drive the vehicle to the departure port pick the open auto shipping option when arranging for a car carrier truck. Using enclosed auto shipping will also enlarge your bill.

What’s open auto shipping?

Open auto shipping is one of the methods that your car will be shipped to the departure port. Open auto shipping means that your vehicle will be shipped on a car carrying truck along with multiple other cars. This means it is open to the elements. This is more cost efficient than enclosed auto shipping. This is just as safe unless the weather around the departure port is bad or unpredictable.

What’s enclosed auto shipping?

Enclosed auto shipping is one of the methods that your vehicle will be shipped to the departing port. Enclosed auto shipping means that the car will be shipped in a container along with other cars. This makes sure that the car is safe from the elements. This method is pricey and is usually used when shipping exotic or classic vehicles.

What’s the recommended way to ship an exotic or expensive vehicle to Jamaica?

Most exotic car owners will want to take every precaution to make sure their vehicle is as safe as possible. Do this will result in a large increase in cost. To eliminate some of that cost we recommend driving the vehicle to the port yourself. If you cannot do this, you will want to go with the enclose auto shipping option to make sure your car makes the journey with no damage. When shipping overseas you will want to choose container shipping as it Is safer than other options. You will also want to insure your vehicle on the trip so that if any mishaps occur you will get compensated.

Never skip out on insurance!

To be safe, always buy insurance. You also want to take pictures of the car from all angles so that if any damage occurs during the shipping process, you can prove its previous condition and get compensated.Contact us if you have any questions or want a free quote request at (904) 404-8770 or email us at rate@royalconsolidators.com

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