Shipping to Africa's Growing Economies

The continent of Africa is home to 6 of the top 15 fastest growing economies in the entire world. These growing economies are seeking high quality and competitively priced goods primarily from the United States.

Shipping to Africa's Growing Economies

Currently, the top commodities shipped to these high growth areas are vehicles of all sorts which include: cars, medical, construction, oil drilling, and agricultural machinery, and even heavy equipment such as bulldozers, compactors, backhoe loaders, etc. The reason for this increasing of shipments is simply because these growing economies currently do not manufacture these items on their own.

Now, although vehicles are a large part of the items being shipped to Africa, there is also a tremendous demand for other commodities such as household goods and furniture, food and beverages, and so much more. As the need for these items continues to grow, more and more businesses are seeking reliable ways to transport their goods to Africa. Here at Royal Consolidators Cargo Shipping, we can be your primary source for that reliable help. Royal Consolidators offers a variety of vehicle, cargo, and container shipping to suit your every need.

Whether you’re shipping your own personal household items or large amounts of furniture and other goods, we offer a process that will transport your items to their overseas destination while being kinds to your wallet. With our cargo shipping, you can transport barrels, drums, furniture, boxes, pallets, bales, etc. using container shipments which are loaded and sealed into shared containers. The containers are then transported to your destination port and unloaded at a local warehouse, where delivery arrangements will have already been made.

For these specific kinds of services Royal Consolidators provides both LCL (Less than full load) and FCL (Full container load services) Container shipments.

  • LCL (Less Than Full Load) CONTAINER SERVICES: (Shared Container Shipping Overseas). International ocean freight service that designed for shipping boxed, crated or palletized cargo that cannot fill an entire 20 or 40 foot sea freight container. When you share a 40 foot sea freight container with one or more exporters, you pay ONLY for the space used in the container, but NOT for the entire container. You can use an LCL freight service for shipping both types of freight: either commercial cargo or household goods or personal effects.
  • FCL (Full Container Load Services) CONTAINER SERVICES: (Commercial & Household Shipping Overseas) International shipping, FCL term describes an ocean freight service, which is designed for international ocean freight shipments of cargo where international shipper has exclusive use of entire ocean freight container (normally a 20ft or 40ft). As a rule ocean freight containers are loaded and sealed by the international shipper at the shipper's facility.

At Royal Consolidators, we keep our rates low and pass the savings on to you. We specialize in West Africa shipping services and nationwide auto transport. As a fully licensed and bonded transporter we can ship your goods and vehicles across the country or across the globe at very affordable rate.

So, whether you’re relocating overseas and need to ship your personal household items/vehicles or you’re doing business overseas and you need to import/export large amounts of products, contact Royal Consolidators today. When it comes to shipping to West Africa, we can ship your cargo from the USA to any port in Lagos, Nigeria, Tema, Ghana, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo and back again. With our many years of service, we are a leading expert in local, national, and international shipping.

Royal Consolidators will assist you with all your shipping needs including door-to-door, door-to-terminal, and terminal-to-door shipping services. We can also arrange vehicle transport to bonded warehouses in order to minimize US customs brokerage costs. So whatever your needs, we'll help to make your shipping experience easy and hassle-free. Please contact us today for a FREE QUOTE to learn more.

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