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We have weekly trips from the East Coast to West Coast, Southeast to the Northeast, California to Texas, Texas to New York, Florida to California.
About 40 major routes. We keep our rates very low and pass savings up to you!

Car transport with Royal Consolidators is easy!

Transporting vehicles may seem difficult if you have not done it before but it is actually a simple process. It's just a process of collecting and communicating the correct information. You'll need to know the make, model, year, departure point, and the arrival point. Having a timeframe for shipment can also make the process a little easier for your transporter.

When transport with Royal consolidators we keep things simple. You just apply for a FREE quote on our website. It will simply ask for the info above and what type of shipment you are looking for. If your vehicle does not run this should be mentioned to avoid complications. There is usually a small additional cost when transporting an inoperable vehicle because special equipment will be used. This will give you a rough estimate of what the price should look like. We will then contact you to iron out everything ensuring that the shipment goes smoothly.

Don't forget that additional services will cost more such as door to door transport. Extra insurance will also cost more in most cases.

When transporting you have two choices. There is enclosed auto transport, and open auto transport. This depends on what type of trailer is needed or which one you want. Most people stick to open auto transport unless they are transporting an exotic or expensive vehicle because enclosed transport is quite pricey.

Finally, you'll want to decide if you'll need storage for your vehicle at its arrival point. Most auto transport companies will offer warehousing services or can arrange storage for the vehicle while waiting for pickup. It's usually best to mention this early in the process when you're getting a price quote.

Open auto transport

Open auto transport is one of the methods that your car will be shipped to the departure port. Open auto transport means that your vehicle will be shipped on a car carrying truck along with multiple other cars. This means it is open to the elements. This is more cost efficient than enclosed auto transport. This is just as safe.

Enclosed auto transport

Enclosed auto transport is one of the methods that your vehicle will be shipped to the departing port. Enclosed auto transport means that the car will be shipped in a container along with other cars. This makes sure that the car is safe from the elements. This method is pricey and is usually used when transport exotic or classic vehicles.

Door to door transport

Door to door transport means that your vehicle will be picked up wherever you want. This will save you from having to drop your vehicle off anywhere but cost extra. If your car is inoperable this might be the best choice for you.

Preparing Your Vehicle for transport

Preparation is a very important part of vehicle transport and is sometimes overlooked. There are a few small but important steps you'll need to take to make sure your vehicle is ready to be transported. Here are the basics.

  • Clean the inside and out of your vehicle. Make sure to also remove any nonpermanent components such as racks, spoilers, etc. The vehicle should also be completely empty too,
  • Leave no more that quoter a tank in your vehicle.
  • Check fluid levels and check for leaks. Leaks can cause major problems and cause delays so make sure that your vehicle is fit for transport.
  • Take pictures of all damage and the current state of your vehicle. This will serve as clear evidence if there is a dispute about the state of your vehicle afterwards.
  • Make sure that you disable the car alarm. If not done this can cause major problems and delay the driver.

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