Car Container Loading Services
Car Container Loading Services
Car Container Loading Services

Car Container Loading Services

We can load and/or unload your car into containers for shipment. Our vehicle loading team knows how to make sure that everything is safe inside the container so that the vehicle will arrive at destination without being damaged. We offer many types of containers to load your car into, and we secure your car by lashing it in the container. Depending on the container size, we can load up to 4 cars.

Some of the automobiles we load:

  • Compact Car
  • Midsize Car
  • Full Size Car
  • Executive Car
  • Sports Car
  • SUV
  • Trucks
  • Offroader
  • Minivans

In a 20ft container you can load one car and some household items if needed. In the 40ft container you can fit between 2-4 vehicles depending on the size of the vehicle. We have a team of professionals with experience to load all containers safely and efficiently always taking advantage of the full space of the container.


ROYAL CONSOLIDATORS is specialized on nationwide auto transport and West Africa Shipping Services. We are based in Jacksonville Florida. As a fully licensed and bonded Jacksonville transporter we can ship your vehicle across the country or across the globe at very affordable rate. We'll make your shipping easy and hassle-free. Please contact us for a FREE QUOTE to learn more.


Please fill out the quick shipping quote or call us toll-free 1 877 410-3554 or call to our Jacksonville office at 904 404-8770 to discuss about all your shipping needs.

Toll Free: 1-877-410-3554
Local: 1-904-404-8770

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