How to Save Money When Shipping Cars Overseas

In this blog post, we will share some of the ways how to save money when shipping cars overseas. We are international auto shipping company and been an overseas auto shipping business for a long time, so know where you can cut costs and save your hard earned money.

1. Ship Your Car via RoRo Ship

Try to ship your car via RoRo. RoRo shipping is usually the most cost effective way to ship a car overseas. If you are shipping 2 or more cars, then you may want to ship via a container because we can fit more cars safely into shipping container and it might be cheaper and safer. More Cars = More Savings.

2. Don’t fill up your car with gas

By law, the maximum allowed aboard the ship is 1/4 tank of gas, so don’t fill it up all away. You’ll waste money. Anything above 1/4 will be suctioned out of the gas tank.

3. Bring the Car to the Nearest Port Yourself

If you bringing your car to the shipping port yourself then you don’t have to pay our truck drivers. Catch a bus or train back home if you live in USA.

4. Buy Cars Near Departure Port

If you are buying a car, try to buy it close to the departure port. Call us to find out the closest departure port for you. If the car is far from the departure port, try to bring it to a trucking terminal in your city so our truck driver doesn’t have to drive so far. The less mountains, the less gas, the less money needs to be paid for trucking.

5. Compare cost of bringing the car yourself vs us picking up your car for you

Normally bringing your car to the departure port is a best way to save, but if you live several hundred miles from the nearest shipping dock? Getting your car to the dock means taking time off work, spending money on gas to get there, and even throwing some cash at a motel or hotel if you need to stay overnight. If you let us to pick up your car - no money wasted on hotels, gas, vacation days and a return flight from the departure port, which can all really add up.

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