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Royal Consolidators Keeps Going to Make Your Move Easy

State to State auto shipping

"And on the road again
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway"

The classic Willie Nelson song tells of a man that loves the open road. Our Royal Consolidators team feels the same way. We revel in the feel of the wind in our hair, the open horizon - you get the gist.

But when it comes to moving to a new place, we know the hassle can be enough to ruin the new adventure. Moving can often be a vortex of big stressors like, "How do I take apart the entertainment system?" or "Should I take my bed or leave it?" And when combined with the little things, like buying bubble wrap, packing tape, boxes, etc. , hauling those big items to your new location is the last thing you want to do.

That why the Royal Consolidators team is here to help. We've got partnerships with a large number of interstate carriers and our team features the best licensed, insured, and bonded haulers in the industry. Whether moving the family vehicle, your giant couch, a lifetime of keepsakes, or your book collection, our team can help take the big things off your plate so you can enjoy your new adventure.

Royal Consolidators experience in moving and shipping has provided our team with the best movers in the nation and we're happy to offer a variety of services to match both your needs and your budget.

Door-to-Door: The lowest hassle method. We come to you, we pick-up and ship out. Get speedy delivery of your items directly to your doorstep.

Drop-off/ Pick-Up: If you’ve got a van and will travel, save some cash and drop your items at a Royal Consolidators terminal location. Our team will carefully load up and ship the items to your closest RC location and you can pick it up there. Best for cross-country moves with people on their own schedule.

Need to get something out right away? Royal Consolidators also offers Expedited and Weekend Delivery available on Truckload or even Exclusive Use Vehicles for your most precious cargo.

If you're worried about sending your items off without you - Don’t be. Our team offers risk and replacement insurance coverage with any kind of shipment, whether it's a priceless collection of fine china or your favorite Italian scooter. We offer creative pricing and variable deductive values – just ask a team member for assistance and we’ll help best determining your insurance needs.

So let us take the worst parts of moving out of the equation. The Royal Consolidators team wants you to get on the road knowing your items will arrive safe and sound and won't put a giant hole in your wallet. We've got the heavy lifting get out there and “get on the road” with us.

Toll Free: 1-877-410-3554
Local: 1-904-404-8770

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